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Post-Operative Guidelines for Bella Eyes Surgery:

  1. Dietary Caution Following Bella Eyes Surgery:

After undergoing Bella Eyes surgery, it is imperative to delay water or food intake for a minimum of four hours. Early consumption can induce nausea or vomiting post the Bella Eyes procedure.

  1. Showering Post Bella Eyes:

Two days post-Bella Eyes surgery, showering is permissible without the necessity of dressings on the surgical site.

  1. Eye Drops Protocol for Bella Eyes:

Bella Eyes surgery mandates the use of prescribed eye drops for a week post-operation. Compliance with the recommended eye drop regimen is crucial, and other medications can be discontinued after completing the prescribed course. Any unexpected reactions or allergies should prompt consultation with a medical professional post-Bella Eyes surgery.

  1. Eyeglasses Restriction After Bella Eyes:

Wearing eyeglasses is prohibited for one month after Bella Eyes surgery to mitigate accidental facial impact or pressure, which could potentially lead to complications such as strokes. Vigilance and appropriate care are emphasized during this period after Bella Eyes surgery.

  1. Prescribed Antibiotics for Enhanced Immunity Post Bella Eyes:

As a preventive measure to bolster the immune system after Bella Eyes surgery, it is recommended to adhere to the prescribed antibiotic regimen for one week. Pre-existing allergies necessitate consultation with a medical professional before initiating antibiotic treatment post-Bella Eyes surgery.

  1. Avoiding Sports Activities After Bella Eyes Surgery:

Engaging in sports activities is discouraged for a one-month duration after Bella Eyes surgery. Vigorous physical activities can strain the eyes and disrupt the healing process, requiring abstention during the Bella Eyes Post-Op period.

  1. Management of Bella Eyes’ Stitches:

Stitches in the scalp after Bella Eyes surgery will dissolve naturally. However, to minimize scarring, it is advisable to have them removed ten days post-operation. For individuals in Istanbul, the Bella Eyes team can facilitate this appointment. Others are urged to remain in communication after consulting a local doctor.

  1. Significance of the Facial Bandage Post Bella Eyes:

The facial bandage post-Bella Eyes surgery is strategically placed to reduce swelling or edema. It is essential to retain the bandage for at least eight days following the operation. After this period, it can be removed by a nurse or individually in an upward manner. For those in Istanbul, the suggestion is to maintain the bandage until the next doctor’s visit post-Bella Eyes surgery. Bella Eyes Post-Operative

  1. Washing Technique After Bella Eyes:

When washing the face post-Bella Eyes surgery, it is crucial to avoid downward motions and opt for gentle upward movements for a month. This technique aids in preventing unnecessary strain or pressure on the surgical area during Bella Eyes Post-Op.

  1. Patience for Desired Eyes Post Bella Eyes Surgery:

For the initial month post-Bella Eyes surgery, it is advised to refrain from activities such as hair coloring, blow drying, eyebrow plucking, and extensive skincare routines. These actions can exert undue strain on the eyes and potentially impede the healing process.

  1. Edema or Swelling Considerations Post Bella Eyes Surgery:

It is normal for some patients to experience edema or swelling within the eye (sclera) in the initial ten days post-Bella Eyes surgery. This typically resolves within two weeks. However, if accompanied by itching or allergic symptoms, consultation with Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu is recommended. Bella Eyes Post-Operative

  1. Progress Monitoring Post Bella Eyes Surgery:

One month and three months following Bella Eyes surgery, individuals are requested to submit photos to ensure satisfactory progress. This follow-up aids in monitoring the healing process and enables the Bella Eyes medical team to address any concerns if necessary.

Importance of Post-Op Care Following Bella Eyes:

The importance of postoperative care following Bella Eyes surgery cannot be overstated. Its critical role in the overall Bella Eyes surgery experience is centered on ensuring a successful and seamless recovery for the patient. After undergoing the intricate combination of endoscopic dynamic canthopexy and lateral brow lift, individuals must follow specific postoperative care instructions. This adherence is crucial for optimizing the healing process, minimizing complications, and enhancing the long-term results of the surgery.

Key Aspects of Postoperative Care:

  1. Minimizing Discomfort and Complications:

Following Bella Eyes surgery, the body undergoes an adjustment period to the surgical changes. Adherence to postoperative care guidelines, such as waiting before drinking water or eating, is essential. This commitment helps minimize discomfort and lowers the risk of complications like nausea or vomiting, enhancing the overall postoperative experience.

  1. Facilitating Proper Healing:

Bella Eyes surgery involves delicate procedures that reshape and rejuvenate the eye area. Proper postoperative care, including the use of prescribed eye drops and avoiding activities that strain the eyes, is essential for optimal healing. This approach minimizes inflammation, reduces the risk of infection, and ensures the intended results of the surgery.

  1. Protecting Surgical Results:

Postoperative care instructions, such as avoiding the use of eyeglasses and refraining from strenuous physical activities, play a crucial role in protecting the surgical results. These precautions are specifically designed to prevent accidental impacts or pressure on the face, safeguarding the outcomes of the surgery. Diligent adherence to these guidelines is vital for maintaining the integrity of the procedures performed during Bella Eyes surgery.

  1. Preventing Complications:

Bella Eyes surgery involves a delicate balance, and any deviation from prescribed postoperative care could lead to complications. Activities like hair coloring, eyebrow plucking, or extensive skincare routines during the initial recovery month should be avoided. This precautionary measure prevents unnecessary strain on the eyes and reduces the risk of complications that could compromise the overall success of the surgery. Bella Eyes Post-Operative

In summary, postoperative care is indispensable for a smooth recovery process and the safeguarding of the surgical results in Bella Eyes surgery. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that patients can fully enjoy the benefits of the procedure, achieving the desired aesthetic outcomes while minimizing the risk of complications or discomfort during the healing period.


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