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Has Bella Hadid undergone any plastic surgeries?

Bella Hadid’s Surgeries:

Bella Hadid reminds everyone of high fashion, (Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery) and of course her beautiful slanting eyes. Yet, throughout the past few years, her fans have been wondering whether she has undergone plastic surgeries or if so, which ones!? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

Are Bella Hadid’s Eyes Natural?

Bella Hadid’s eyes have turned millions of heads and continue to do so! She is an iconic model in the world of fashion and beauty. Her almond-shaped symmetrical eyes have become many women’s favorite eye shape and many wish to achieve the same result with Bella Eyes surgery. So, are Bella Hadid’s eyes natural or have they undergone Bella Eyes surgery?

Bella Hadid Avant Apres

First, Let’s discuss what Bella Eyes surgery is:

Bella Eyes surgery is a combination of endoscopic dynamic canthopexy and lateral brow lift, which is recommended to patients who have droopy eyes or brows genetically or due to aging. This scarless technique was patented by Dr.Ufuk Askeroglu who is a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Istanbul, Turkey. Bella Eyes technique uses an endoscope to access the deeper layer of the upper face through hairy scalp using two small incisions. The advantage of Bella Eyes is there will not be any visible scar and it lasts 10-15 years.

Bella Hadid Before & After Bella Eyes Surgery:

Comparing Bella Hadid’s before after photos here, you can clearly see that when she was younger, she used to have droopy eyes and brows naturally. Her brows were more straight than curved as they are now. So, it is easy to conclude that a surgical intervention was performed. Bella Hadid has undergone a surgery we know as Bella Eyes surgery, which attracts thousands of women to Dr.Ufuk Askeroglu’s clinic every year.

Other Surgeries Bella Hadid Might Have Undergone:

It is now clear that Bella Hadid has undergone Bella Eyes surgery, but if you look closer at her before after photos, you will notice changes in her cheeks. Compared to her before photos, she now has slimmer & more contoured cheeks thanks to a surgery called Hollywood Face® (AKA buccal fat removal).

Bella Hadid’s Brow Lift:

Apart from Bella Eyes surgery, it seems Bella Hadid has undergone endoscopic medial brow lift surgery since the position of her brows used to be lower. In this technique brows are lifted up medially using four small incisions in hairy scalp. The difference between lateral brow lift and medial brow lift is if you want to achieve fox eyes or almond-shaped eyes and laterally lifted brows, Bella Eyes is recommended. Yet, if your brows are droopy and they cause the distance between your brows and eyes to get reduced, then endoscopic medial brow lift is recommended.

Bella Hadid’s Nose Job/Rhinoplasty

The last surgery that we believe Bella Hadid has undergone is nose job AKA rhinoplasty. She used to have droopy nose tip, but you can now easily notice that her nose is more defined and her nose tip is lifted. However, all these evaluations are made based on Bella Hadid’s before /after photos, and she has not confessed to having undergone the abovementioned surgeries.


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