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Veoza, also known as fezolinetant, is prescription-only and will be available privately from January

A New Hope for Hot Flashes: UK Approves Novel Menopause Drug

A groundbreaking medication called Veoza, targeting hot flushes and potentially benefiting millions, has gained approval in the UK. Following the US green light in May, this non-hormonal option offers hope for women where HRT isn’t ideal.

Hot flushes, affecting 70% of menopausal women, can significantly disrupt their lives. Veoza, working directly in the brain, targets a key protein involved in temperature regulation, offering a distinct approach from HRT. While not impacting other menopausal symptoms like fatigue or mood swings, it could be a gamechanger for managing debilitating hot flashes.

Despite affecting countless women, treatment options have been limited. HRT, though effective, isn’t suitable for everyone. Veoza offers a safe and effective alternative, reducing hot flush frequency by 60% in clinical trials. Women reported decreased severity and improved sleep, highlighting its potential impact.

Initially available privately, Veoza’s cost remains unconfirmed. Astellas, the manufacturer, is working to make it accessible on the NHS. While not yet studied in women over 65, further research is likely.

Experts laud Veoza’s potential to transform lives. Prof. Dhillo, a trial leader, calls it a “blockbuster drug,” emphasizing its rapid effectiveness and potential impact on many women.

This approval marks a significant step forward in managing menopausal symptoms. Veoza, offering a new approach, brings hope for improved quality of life for countless women struggling with hot flushes.



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